9am Worship Service

Sixth Sunday After Pentecost, Proper 11

* Please stand as you feel comfortable


   PRELUDE                                                   Prayer & Meditation



* CALL TO WORSHIP:                                             (Responsive)

One:  Come, all who are burdened with many tasks.
All:  God provides a space for rest and renewal.
One:  Come, all who have turned away from God.
All:  God welcomes us with healing and forgiveness.
One:  Come, all who desire to know Christ.
All:  Here we find unexpected grace and unconditional love. 
         Thanks be to God!   Amen

* OPENING HYMN   More Like Jesus Would I Be            #397

* FELLOWSHIP TIME                              (Greet your neighbors)


   GOSPEL READING                                            Luke 10:38–42

CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER:                                  (Unison)

You, gracious God, are love itself.  And perfect love casts out fear.  Come to us in merciful patience, we pray, to love us from fear to trust, from anger to grace, from doubt to faith.  Love us from our self-centeredness to selfless service. Love us out of our scarcity to hearts overflowing with generosity.  Love us from brokenness to wholeness, from resentments to freedom, and from forgiveness withheld to forgiveness freely offered just as it has been freely offered to us.  Come to us, Lord, overwhelming us with your love that we might love as you have first loved us.   Amen.   



THE LORD'S PRAYER                        (say Debts and Debtors)


   HEBREW SCRIPTURE                                          Amos 8:1–12


* DOXOLOGY                                                                               

* CENTRAL HYMN    I Have Decided to Follow Jesus      #299


   SCRIPTURE LESSON                                  Colossians 1:15–28


Jesus, Over All


* CLOSING HYMN   O to Be Like Thee!                             #402



Today, 9am – Worship Service in Pavilion
Today, 10:30ish – Sunday School Video Series – Matthew

œ   Announcements   

July 21      Sun, 9am – Worship Service, Offering: Missions

July 24      9am – Clean & Ready Pavilion
July 25      6pm – Make Pepper Cabbage
July 26      6pm – Set up for Picnic

July 27      4pm – Rocherty Picnic (helpers come at 3pm)

July 28      10am – Worship Service, Dinner following (no SS)

July 29      6pm – Picnic Clean Up

Aug 3        Noon – serve free noon meal – LCCM

Highlight:  Rocherty Picnic


Did you know…?

That the church picnic this coming Saturday started as a Church Sunday School sponsored picnic? This kind of cultural celebration used to be very common.  It was a time for everyone in a community to gather for a wonderful meal, fellowship together, and to enjoy simple summer activities such as volleyball, bean bag toss, singing, and visiting.

100th Year Celebration!

On the side of the sanctuary nearest the presentation computer, a plaque denotes that Rocherty Church joined the Sunday School Union. Sunday Schools were started not just for religious education, but to help adults and children to learn to read and write well, especially those who worked during the week and were unable to attend regular schools. Sunday School has been a part of our congregation for a very long time and remains an important ministry of the church. 


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