9am Worship Service

Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost • Proper 20


* Please stand as you feel comfortable


 One: Hear the good news: People who are lost are being found.

All: Glory, glory; hallelujah!

One: Hear the good news: God goes out into the wilderness of our lives seeking us when we are lost.

All: Glory, glory; hallelujah!

One: To Christ Jesus, full of faith and love; to the Ruler of the Ages, immortal, invisible; to the Spirit of peace and mercy,

All: All honor and glory are yours forever and ever. Amen!




* To God Be the Glory                                                             #64

* FELLOWSHIP TIME                                   (Greet one another)


The MORNING PSALM                                             Psalm 14

   Abide with Me                                                                      #541


CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER:                                  (Unison)

God of great love, we offer our gratitude for our family and our friends, and for friends who are family. We are ever thankful for this church and our church family gathered here. We pray for the safekeeping of all whom we love and we pray for your healing presence for all those who are ill whom we name in our hearts. We pray for our nation and its leaders. May they seek your wisdom and strength and may they lead us in the ways that make for peace. We pray for our world; especially do we pray for those who live where fighting is a way of life and where children carry guns instead of teddy bears. Let it be that all of us might be instruments of your peace and love. God of us all, let us answer words of anger with patience and let us respond to disagreements with compromise. Above all, let us speak the language of faith, especially when we travel roads of uncertainty and fear. We offer our praise and our prayers to the One whose footsteps we strive to follow, Jesus the Christ. Amen.


EPISTLE READING                                         1 Timothy 1:12-17




MORNING LESSON                               Luke 15:1-10 (pg. 1623)

MESSAGE:                                                                  Pastor Jason

Losing With Grace



* It’s Just Like His Great Love                                             #292


Today:       9am– Worship Service in Sanctuary

                  10:15am – Sunday School

                  4:00pm – Doggie Roast & Campfire Service


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Sept 22      9am – Worship in Sanctuary, SS following

Sept 29      9am – Worship in Sanctuary, SS following

Oct 6         World Communion Sunday

                  9am – Worship in Sanctuary, SS following



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Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost Proper 20




September 15th, 2019


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