Sunday Sermon

John 3:16 Tells Us What?

March 11, 2018

Rocherty Church

Text:    John 3: 14-21, Key vs. 3:16


John 3: 16 is perhaps the best-known verse in the whole Bible.


If the only shred of the Bible you had was this portion of the third chapter of John, it would be enough to evangelize every person in the known world.


How can that be?

I. It Tells Us What God Has Done to Save Us.

He loves us.


Love is a commitment that one makes to another. Love is not just an emotional feeling that is experienced one day and is gone the next. When we read the words 'For God so loved the world' we understand the true meaning of love. God's love is all inclusive...He loves the unlovely... He loves us even when we don't return that love to Him. God loves the world, but He also loves the "whosoever" is a personal love.


Next thing God has done ...


He gave His Son to save us.


Here is the greatest demonstration of His love toward us. True love always demands giving.

We occasionally read of where someone has gone into battle for another and then is tragically killed, but that does not fully illustrate the love of God. God gave His only begotten Son for us knowing that it meant death for Him. Jesus willingly laid down His life for us on Calvary.


Next thing this verse tells us.

II. What We Must Do To Be Saved.

What good would it be to know the truth if we did not know how to apply it?


The cure for every disease known to man exists...we just do not know how to appropriate it.

Knowledge without understanding is of little value to us.


John 3: 16, tells us how to appropriate the gift of God.


"Whosoever believes in Him" It is not just believing about Him, but it is believing in Him...trusting Him as Savior. For years I believed about Christ, but it wasn't until I was in my early 20's that I believed in Him for salvation! True belief necessitates repentance. Repentance is a change of mind that results in a change of direction for our lives. We need to make a turn-around...turn away from sin and toward the Savior. The Scriptures teach us in Prov 14: 12, that there is a way that seems right to a man, but that the ways thereof are the ways of death.

Some need to turn around and come to Christ today.


Third thing this verse tells us...

III. What We Get and What We Don't Get When We Get Saved.

We don't get a wasted life.

So many today are putting all their talent and effort into achieving goals that are temporal.

Look at the millions of dollars and all the time that has been spent on elections and political boxing matches that are taking place today. If the Lord tarries His coming another 25 years or so they will only be names in the encyclopedias. Some are caught up in trying to reach the "American Dream" but one day they will wake up in eternity! Don't waste a life on the things of this world and the tarnished trophies that it offers.


We get to go to heaven.


For those who will believe in Him, He promises eternal life. Eternal life begins at the moment we put our faith and trust in Him. It is both a present possession and it is our future possession.

Jesus said that since we have received eternal life that we will never perish. Eternal means eternal and never means never!


No wonder this is the most popular verse in the Bible.


“God so loved you & me that He gave His one & only Son, that those of us who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”