Sunday Worship Service

We are God’s People:

Holy, and Dearly Loved





Ye Servants of God                                 #49 vv 1,2,4


PRAYERS OF THE PEOPLE (share Praises and Requests)



SCRIPTURE PROCLAMATION       Colossians 3:1-11 


We Are God’s People                                        screen


SCRIPTURE PROCLAMATION      Ephesians 5:21-33 


A Glorious Church                                            screen



INVOCATION PRAYER                              (Unison)

Foundation of the Kingdom of All Life,

we praise and glorify you.

As we, your people, go forth in your name

and proclaim the gospel good news,

may your love and light be seen in every corner,

every shadow, every dark night in this earth.

No longer are our lives about merely survival,

acquisition, power struggles, or selfishness;



For we have been sanctified, cleansed,

repaired, renewed, and refreshed.

We have been set aside and declared holy,

wholly devoted to do good works

in the name of Jesus,

and for the glory of Christ.

All this we declare together, Amen.



SCRIPTURE PROCLAMATION          Mattew 5:13-16


MESSAGE:                                           Jason Armold

 Marked Out:




✠  ✠   HOLY COMMUNION   ✠  ✠




Rise Up, O Church of God                                #505


Í Upcoming Calendar Events Î

Today –          Marked Out: Holy

Oct. 1st            10:15—Sunday School

                       World Communion Sunday

Weds –           6:30pm Zoom Bible Study: Listening to God #3
Oct. 4th

Thursday –    6:30pm Church Council Meeting (In-Person)
Oct. 5th

Sunday –        Marked Out: Universal

Oct. 8th            9:00am—Sunday Worship

                        10:15am—Sunday School


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